Music Arrangement
Services, Inc.


The most important aspect of custom arrangements is obtaining the proper licensing for each and every title.  MAS, Inc. ensures proper licensing for every title, guaranteeing that it's legal for copying.

The majority of licensing is done through Tresona Multimedia, LLC as well as Alfred Publishing and other independent publishers.

Licensing can be expensive, usually costing from $250.00 to over $600 per title.  Every title must be licensed.  Even for the use of one line of a song, one phrase or even one measure must have a permission license in accordance with Federal Copyright laws.  Also note medleys can be quite expensive to license.

When requested, MAS, Inc. will handle all the paperwork and pay the fee for each the arrangements from the funds paid by the organization.  (See "Pricing")  Please note permission fees must be paid before music can be uploaded and licenses are fully executed.  Payment in full to MAS, Inc. of the arrangement fee is required before music will be transmitted. 

Some titles are not available for licensing due to any number of reasons.

For more information, please email Jeffrey at

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