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Prices for arrangements based on Arrangement Fee plus the cost of the permission fee for that title.  These prices are current as of January 2018.  Please note that licensing is done through Tresona Multimedia, LLC, Alfred Music Publishing and some Independent Publishers and the fees vary from song to song (average cost is $280+ per title).

The cost of each arrangement is based on a pricing system shown below:

NEW Arrangement - $600.00

NEW ORIGINAL Arrangement - $600.00

EXISTING Arrangement - $149.00!!
This price has been reduced!!

EDITING - $150.00
Each NEW arrangement includes ONE edit.  One edit can consist of several items to edit.  A fee is charged for each edit after the first.  Any edit to an existing arrangement incurs the editing fee.

Then add the cost of each permission fee.  
(For budgeting, those are best figured at $280.00 for each title.  PLEASE NOTE SOME FEES ARE HIGHER.)

There are NO additional fees if your organization submits and pays the licensing.

If you wish to have Music Arrangement Services, Inc. handle all aspects of licensing, then add $25.00 for each arrangement.

A price quote will be provided for each arrangement project.  Click below
for an example of a price quote from Music Arrangement Services, Inc.

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