Music Arrangement
Services, Inc.

How The Process of Ordering Music Works

 1 - Order your arrangements (existing or new) with Jeffrey at MAS, Inc.
2 - Make sure you have an updated profile on Tresona's Licensing Exchange.
(Click HERE to take you there)
3 - Permission requests are submitted by your organization or MAS, Inc. (more details follow) 
4 - Have your form of payment prepared.  Credit cards are accepted (see below). 

5 - Submit all requests to appropriate agencies.
6 - Wait for requests to be approved.
7 - Once approved, pay licensing fees to the agencies and arrangement fee to MAS, Inc.
8 - MAS, Inc. will be notified of received payments by those agencies.
5 - Requests will be submitted by MAS, Inc.
6 - Wait for requests to be approved.
7 - Once approved, send FULL payment to MAS, Inc.  MAS, Inc. will pay the licensing fees.**
8 - You will be notified of the received payments by the licensing agencies or MAS, Inc.
9 - Once all payments are received, Music Arrangement Services, Inc. will upload one PDF file with ALL scores (PV Score, all band parts and full Master Score). 
10 - You will download your scores from Tresona's Licensing Exchange.
11 - Always print a copy of the license after downloading your music!

CREDIT CARDS - An invoice will be emailed from QuickBooks.  You do not have to be a member of QuickBooks to pay with a credit card. 

Please keep in mind that many schools' servers will not allow emails or access to QuickBooks online.  Please consider providing a non-school email address (i.e. - gmail, hotmail, etc.) for paying with a credit card.

ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED FIRST - Due to the high expense of permission fees, MAS, Inc. cannot "pre-pay" permission fees. 

SONG APPROVALS ON TRESONA - You may sign on Tresona's Licensing Exchange anytime to follow the progress of the song approvals.  Those approvals are only as timely as the publisher who is providing them.  MAS, Inc. (nor Tresona) has control over how quickly a piece of music may be licensed.  Many titles are "pre-cleared" at Tresona and the turn around for those titles is very quick.  However, please plan ahead so that you can pay for and receive your music in enough time for your scheduled rehearsals.

**PAYING THE PERMISSION FEE(S) - If you choose to have MAS, Inc. take care of all aspects of the licensing process, MAS, Inc. will pay the fees when your full payment is received.  There is an additional cost for this service.  If your organization takes care of licensing and fees, an invoice for arrangement costs must be paid before music is uploaded.


- On occasion, a song's request will be denied.  No one but the authors/publishers have any control over this.  Always have a back up song ready to replace a title you select.  If you cannot find a replacement, consider Jeffrey Bowen writing an original in the same theme as the song you desire.

- Jeffrey Bowen / Music Arrangement Services, Inc. does not work for Tresona Multimedia, LLC, but only uses their services to obtain music licensing.  MAS, Inc. is not a subsidiary of Tresona.

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